​"We taught today's leaders yesterday and are teaching tomorrow's leaders now, from the White House to the jail house."  - Al Hajj Yusuf Ali Muhamamd


Graduate of Temple University, Philadelphia, Penn. with a major in education.

Over 50 years teaching grade K thru 12 at all academic and social levels in Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and California.

Guest Lecturer of Putney School, Putney, Vt., University of Ca. Berkeley, Davis, Chico and Umayyard Masjid, Damascus, Syria.

14 plus years volunteer community service with the American Red Cross, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Juvenile Detention Facility and Community Emergency Response Services. 


Founded in 1969 as one of the first federally and privately funded alternative schools in the U.S.

Contracted by the Berkeley, Ca. school district.

Produced over 2000 video and audio tapes including 1st Lady, Nancy Reagan. Alex Hailey, Michelle Alexander and the musical groups, War & Funkadelic to name a few. 

36 Children, Open Classroom and Stuff were on the Best Seller List of the New York Times Newspaper written by Dr. Herbert Kohl about our school.


To teach correct and/or non-threatening responses when interacting with Law Enforcement and others in crisis situations and to try to improve Community/Police relations by examining the various reasons and views of different situations. 


Dissemination of this information locally, nationally and internationally in all major languages. This would be accomplished in downloadable print, video/or dramatic presentations for individuals, schools, community groups and others.